Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mines?

Mines is an implementation of the game-classic Minesweeper for devices running the Android operating system. Find out more about Minesweeper at wikipedia.

What is the goal of the game?

The goal of Mines is to clear a minefield without detoning a mine. You can either open a square (if you think it is not mined) or flag it as mined (if you suggest a mine). An open square reveals a number that tells you how many of the (at most 8) neighbors are mines. Using this information you can clear more squares, and so on.

What makes Mines special?

There are a couple of Minesweeper implementations available in the Android Market. The follow features let Mines stand out:
  • compact download (about 140KB)
  • fit-on-screen and zoom mode
  • supports touch and trackball
  • many levels and board sizes
  • themes
  • handles screen orientation
  • runs on different screen resolutions
  • highscore lists, highscore sharing
  • no advertisements
  • free & open-source
Mines is the among the highest rated Minesweeper clones in the Android Market.

What do others say about it?

The following are some quotes on Mines from the android market:
  • Outstanding Android implementation of Mines!!!
  • Great android version of minesweeper! Better than the original..
  • Ive had loads of fin with this :) very good implementation!
  • El mas cómodo y el que permite jugar mas rápido.
  • Excellent, trés complet.
  • Forse il piu bel gioco mines di android...facile da gocare ed intuitivo!
  • Einfache und gute Umsetzung des Themas. Mir gefällt's.

How do I get Mines?

You can find Mines in the Google Play Store, just search for "Mines". You can also just click here.

How does it work?

Mines flags a square if you click on it, and it opens a square if you click and hold it (long press).

Why use a long hold to open a square?

Mines uses a long hold to open a square. This is usually faster than having to switch explicitly between flag-mode and open-mode. Note that you can also click on the revealed numbers after flagging suspicious neighbors. If the number of flagged neighbors of a square equals its number clicking the square opens all non-flagged neighbors. Using this shortcut you will only ocaccionally need the long hold to open a square explicitly.

Can I play using the trackball?

Yes, in fit-on-screen mode you can use the trackball to select, open or flag a square. In zoom mode the trackball can be used to scroll the board.

The vibration is annoying, can I switch it off?

Yes, there is a switch "Use Vibration" in the settings screen.

The harder levels are difficult to play since the squares get very small.

Mines starts in fit-on-screen mode. This mode is especially useful when you use the trackball to select squares. When you use touch selection especially on larger boards it might be preferable to switch to zoom mode via the provided menu command. In zoom mode, the squares are enlarged and you will usually see only part of the game board, which you can drag around. There are scrollbars to show your current position on the board. The trackball can be used to scroll the board.

I don't like the colors, can I change them?

You can try a different theme, selectable via the settings screen.

What does the setting "Focus on Touch" mean?

This setting is useful when you play large boards in fit-on-screen mode using the trackball. By default, touching the screen removes a previous selection via trackball. Using the option "Focus on Touch" you can quickly move the focus around on the board by touching it. Note that this is supported in fit-on-screen mode only.

What languages does Mines support?

Mines currently comes with english, french, spanish, italian, portugese, german, dutch, russian, polish, chinese, taiwanese, indonesian, lithuanian, slovakian and czech language.

Why isn't the game available in language XYZ?

My language skills are limited. Would be great if you could provide a translation for Mines. I'll send you the english texts which need to be translated. I can not offer any money though, but you would get an honorable notice in the help section. You can contact me at volker.leck[at]

Where do I find the version info of my Mines installation?

The version number can be found at the bottom of the help section.

What is the latest version of Mines?

The current version number is 1.9.2.

Which versions of Android does Mines run on?

Mines requires Android 1.5 (Cupcake) or above.

How can I report problems or suggest improvements?

Please email bug reports, feature requests and suggestions to volker.leck[at]